Dity.help team made an artistic and humanitarian visit to the Bucha district. More than 150 children received warm clothes, baby products, brain games, and school supplies. The aid was provided to children whose parents were killed defending homeland from russian aggression and also for children whose homes were destroyed or damaged or whose who obtained the status of internally displaced persons. 

Also, such celebrities as Anna Trincher, MYATA, Kostetskyi Serhii, Mila Eremeeva, TARABAROVA (official), DIMARIA, Polina Pavlenko/DJ Polinka and the stars of the Black Sea Games Masha Danilova and Sasha Danilova made a performance dedicated to New Year holidays to support with the psychological rehabilitation and to share positive emotions. 

The concert took place in the Dmytrivka community center, which meets all security standards during air raids. And we’ve got two of them that day. On top of this, the power went out. It seemed impossible to hold the concert. But all the participants of the event patiently waited out both alarms and shared the holiday spirit and magic with the children and their families by connecting the generator.

Dity.help team would like to thank Dmytrivska amalgamated territorial community of Bucha district, the Dmytrivka community center for their help in organizing the event, the DeluxeSound team for working in extreme conditions, the M1 Music Channel and TAVR Media for their constant support of our events.