Головна / Report
  • 300,000 hryvnias were transferred as a financial aid for 25 children of military personnel of the 130th territorial defense battalion who were fallen during combat missions.
  • Material assistance was provided to 11 children who suffered as a result of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine in the amount of UAH 182,704.
  • Financial aid was provided to 5 children of fallen soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Material assistance was provided to 16 children who found themselves in the status of forcibly displaced persons.
  • Material assistance was provided to 3 children who were/are under occupation.
  • An electronic drum set worth 22,700 thousand hryvnias was purchased for the development of musical creativity of children from the band Spring which is located in the village of Karapyshi in the Kyiv region.
  • Thanks to the support of the "Luxoptica" company, a doctor's consultation was held and necessary glasses were selected for 12-year-old Masha from Kharkiv. Masha, her 2-year-old brother and their mother found themselves in the status of forcibly displaced persons due to Russian military aggression. The family lived in Kharkiv, but had to leave the house destroyed by shelling.
  • 25 tablets worth UAH 227,000 were purchased for online education for children of the Buchan district of the Kyiv region.
  • Purchased winter clothes, stationery, bedding, goods for babies, educational games for 125 children of Buchansky District, Kyiv Region.
  • Together with Nashe Radio the action "Saint Nicholas for the children of Kherson" was held. As part of the campaign 850 gift sets were sent to Kherson which were given to the children of the Kherson region during the Christmas holidays.
  • 6 families, 8 children - assistance in the amount of UAH 63,000 was provided. A mother of two children, a volunteer was killed in Bucha. A family from Avdiivka lost their home and everything they had for the second time. A mother with two children, the eldest son, 16 years old, has been disabled since childhood, IDPs. The family was under occupation in the city of Kherson, escaped the war and moved to a safer place, IDPs. Families from Donetsk region, Pokrovsk and Rodynske, were forced to evacuate and look for housing, IDPs.
  • Together with the "Support Kherson" Charitable Fund, they held a charity event "With Love to Kherson Region" in Kyiv. About a hundred children from the Kherson region with IDP status received gifts. A special program was also organized for them with a concert, animators, attractions and refreshments.