Головна / Report
  • Financial aid equal to 300 000 UAH was transferred to 25 children of the military from the 130th battalion of the TDF, who were fallen while performing combat missions.
  • Eleven children - victims of the full-scale russian invasion into the territory of
  • Ukraine received financial aid in the amount of 182 704 UAH.
  • Children of the fallen soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received financial assistance.
  • Children with the status of internally displaced persons received financial assistance.
  • Children who were or continue to be under the occupation received financial assistance.
  • An electronic drum kit worth 22 700 UAH was purchased to support the children's musical creativity of the Spring band based in the Karapyshi village in Kyiv region.
  • With the help of Luxoptica, twelve years old, Masha from Kharkiv received a doctor's consultation, who helped to select the necessary glasses for her.
  • Masha, her two-year-old brother, and their mother became internally displaced due to the Russian military aggression. The family used to live in
  • Kharkiv but had to leave their home destroyed by shelling.
    25 tablets for online learning worth 227 000 UAH were purchased for children from the Bucha district of Kyiv region.
  • Winter clothes, stationery, and bedding were purchased for 125 children from Bucha district of Kyiv region.